Basic Coaching 2023

$295 Per Month

  • Customized training plan 
  • Single Weekly email consult
  • Weekly Track Attack run session





Capped at 30 slots.

For the self - motivated athlete, the Basic Coaching package provides straight forward endurance coaching at it's best. This package is all you need if you don't require a high level of attention and are able to seek help whenever clarification is needed. Proactive feedback/ questioning from you, through the Training Tilt App and/ or email, initiates the conversation with Coach and adds tremendous value to your training. This is where you will learn to navigate the finer, "peripheral" points of endurance training such as:

  • daily nutrition
  • race-day fuelling
  • self - therapy and other recovery protocols
  • adjusting your training plan for missed sessions/ travel/ fatigue/ sickness/ stress 

Weekly Track Attack sessions are also a great place to sneak in some facetime with Coach.

$295 Per Month

Currency: Singapore Dollar