A 10:02 Ironman and 3:06 marathoner himself, Shem loves sharing his knowledge and experience with wider circles.  BRAVES' Coaching offers corporate training  programmes and workshops tailored to your company's needs. From casual pre/post-work run sessions to race specific programmes, BRAVES' workshops are a great platform to nurture relationships across the company while promoting the benefits of healthy living.

During the practical run sessions, Shem uses drills, plyometrics, core strengthening and functional stability exercises to develop efficient running form. His phase specific speed-endurance intervals, will teach runners how to pace themselves intuitively through perceived effort.

His lecture topics include: 

  •  Race day fueling: Nutrition for the long run
  •  Race day mental preparation and motivation
  •  The Art of the Taper: How to peak for your race
  •  DIY: Building your own training programme
  •  Mixing it up: The importance of speedwork
  •  Good running technique: how to get it
  •  The importance of hormonal balance in endurance training

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