Army Half Marathon 2011- What a day!

Race Reports, September 04, 2011

My runners are learning to how to PUSH. I am so happy and proud of them.

My runners are learning to how to PUSH. I am so happy and proud of them.

There’s no short cut, only hard work. And this is the fruit of their dedication…

Hard earned smiles!

L – R

Carl Chua: 1: 51, 10 min PB – hanging tough, breaks through the 2 hr barrier in convincing fashion. Good work! 

Coach Shem: 1: 23, 1 min PB : ) just managed to pull it off by the skin of my teeth.

Sarah Tan: 1:50, 15 min PB !! – Wonderful achievement for an ironguides athlete that just won’t quit! Nails a breakthrough race after months of gradual rehab from injury. Awesome.

Charles Lee: 1:54, a whopping 17 min PB! Our faithful Gp B timekeeper “Mr Garmin” is learning to trust his internal pace clock and run by feel and push – in his head and in his heart. Check out what that can do for you!

Davin Leong: 1:42, PB by 11 mins. Squeeezing in his sets at the hotel gym when he travels is paying dividends big time. This ironguides athlete is growing in confidence as we go into training for his 1st Ironman in December.

And the rest of the crew:

Aurill Kam: 1:55, 7 min PB. Aurill started off hating track sessions but she stuck to them and finally broke through 2hrs training on The Method.

Ben Trotman: 1:55, new PB. 1st half marathon for Ben. Nice one to get under the belt. Watch this ironguides athlete go.. he’s only gonna get better.

Brian James: 2: 06, 28 min PB! Our youngest runner experiences what it’s like to run a marathon after training to a dedicated phased programme. Take your time, enjoy the sport and you will keep improving : )

Patricia Low: 2:06, 7 min PB. Jumped into race at the very last minute and still did well- Nice!

Gary Choo: 2: 14, Comeback race from a long lay off, Gary learns how to finish strong. Stan Chart here we come..

Cecilia Lim: 10 km/ 52 mins – PB by 14 mins while wading through a ton of human trafic. Monday’s strength and speed sessions are teaching her how to run faster. Keep up the good work!

Mike Chee: 10 km/ 53 mins- successful comeback run as part of his recovery from a knee operation. Slowly but surely, the BIG day will come for this ironguides athlete : )